About us

ALVILA SYSTEMS, s. r. o. (Ltd.) is engaged in the development of custom software solutions and in IT services provision. We specialize in the production of control systems, ergonomic user interfaces, applications for data collection and analysis and information sources access tools. Besides the software, we are able to deliver a comprehensive solution including system integration, service support and consultations. Some services are also offered through the outsourcing of our experts – both individuals and teams.

Corporate Philosophy

ALVILA SYSTEMS is based on active and clear communication with the customer, a professional approach, providing quality results that meet specifications and delivering results by the agreed deadline. We pride ourselves on excellence and continuous training of our employees, as well as the fact that they enjoy their work and dedicate themselves to it with enthusiasm. Thus, we are able to come up with novel ideas and constantly improve our services level.

We strive to create software that is based, both in function and design, on the needs of its users and facilitates their work to the maximum extent. Working closely with customers during the project implementation in combination with the expertise and modern technology is the key advantage that helps to achieve desired results quickly and at a lower cost.

How We Work

When developing software we use agile methodologies, extreme programming in particular. Building on the use of modern technologies and proactive communication with customers, we are enabled to respond flexibly to changing requirements during application development. That is why the implementation of the contract is fast and the resulting product meets real needs to the maximum extent. Reliability, quality and functionality of our solutions are the benefits that help our customers to gain a competitive advantage and leading position in the market.

What We Know

The software that we create is developed mostly in the Java programming language, the resulting systems therefore work on all common platforms, regardless of the operating system. We are experienced in the development of distributed and scalable systems, thin and rich clients and web interfaces for the newly created and existing systems – from primary analysis, through design and coding to operation assurance.

Currently, the requirement for the effective management and control of business processes from anywhere at any time is increasingly important, so we pay special attention to the development of mobile applications for PDAs and industrial facilities.

Development Cycle

Applications that we develop are composed of independent modules, which can be adjusted individually, or completely replaced by the new ones in case of need. This allows us to quickly take account of emerging customer needs or changes in existing requirements. When finished, we thoroughly analyze each module’s properties along with the customer and use the resulting findings to optimize the entire process. With the development, sub-division and feedback from customers, we can prevent conflicts between the requirements and result and detect and eliminate vulnerabilities of the developed software faster and more easily.